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How does it work?

Add “Pay As You Go” Credits to your Nopin account.

Call the access number or use the Nopin App to Dial the number you want to call.

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How do I send a top-up?

With Nopin, you can send top-ups instantly to prepaid mobile phones anywhere in the world.

You can use any of this channels to send a top-up:



Callcenter Agent

USA (800) 503-8622

Top Up by Phone (IVR)

USA (800) 503-8622

WhatsApp Bot

+1 (716) 320-9404

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Frequent Questions

Top-Up Not Received: What can I do?

Sometimes there can be delays on the operator’s side. A top-up is usually sent to a phone number within a few seconds, after that when it has been successfully processed you should then receive your confirmation number.

If your top-up hasn’t been received within two hours, we recommend you contact the Local Operator directly.

Alternatively, you can contact our Customer Service Line USA (800) 503-8622who will contact them on your behalf. In order for us to be able to raise this query for you, we will need the following information from you, all of which can be found in your purchase history:

Confirmation ID
Date of the transaction
Phone number

Although we cannot guarantee a speedy response from the operator, we will do all that we can to ensure that your query is resolved.

Why did you charge me for a failed transaction?

Nopin will not charge you for a failed transaction.

There may be an authorization request that appears on your bank statement, however this will not be completed and the money remains in your account.

The authorization will be removed by your bank within 4 to 8 working days. If you need further details about when the funds will be released, please contact your bank directly.

Why can't I send a top-up?

Sometimes a number you are trying to top-up may not be in service, is incorrect or you have chosen the wrong operator. To avoid our customers receiving unnecessary charges, we try our best to verify numbers in advance and you won’t be charged should this happen.

How can I resend a top-up?

We keep a record of all transactions you have sent. If you want to make the same payment again, click the Resend button in the Purchase History section of your Account Overview.

How much are top-up fees?

After you have entered the phone number and chosen an operator, you will be able to select a top-up amount. The cost of the top up will be displayed, showing  the cost of fees only if its aplied.


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